Should budget cases like spec 01be sleeper

I felt my main pc typical gaming pc with sleeper appearances for the performance I got I using ryzen 5 1600 gtx 970 I know I upgrading my GPU if Nvidia gave me a great upgrade to do so with a single stick of 8 GB DDR4 2400.

I think a “sleeper” would be more along the lines of X399 and a 1080 Ti in something like a case from a mid-2000 eMachine or something.

The Corsair Spec 01 just screams gamer bling to me.

I see your point but I think case can fall in its as well remove the led fans on spec 01 its doesn’t look all game like I see your point of view.

When I hear sleeper build I think of the case itself being old and not flashy. Something without a window. Maybe an old Gateway case or something.

As @KenPC said a sleeper is just an understated blank case. Even a Fractal Meshify C without the window can be a good sleeper case with some perfomance to back it up.
Other than that I think your config is low heat output enough to fit in any case with a couple of fans.

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