Should Apple cooperate with the FBI?

Okay I need some serious opinions here. I sure enough everyone knows the whole situation/controversy going on between the FBI and Apple. If you're not aware just type FBI and Apple in your browser, i'm not going to spoon feed you. I feel like apple is trying to be the new NWA lol. I swear apple is starting a new revolution #fuckthepolice! Nah but seriously, what are your thoughts? I honestly don't believe Apple should cooperate. They would be making there selves vulnerable and they have a good reputation in security. They have every reason to not cooperate.

No , the fbi will abuse the system , same as they always have done. give em an inch they take a mile

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Should Apple commit suicide as a consumer electronics brand? I wouldn't...

If there is a way for Apple to give the contents of the phone to the FBI WITHOUT compromising general device security - then Yes.
But in no way should Apple just cave in and screw over every user of every Apple product. Not only would that be company suicide, but it would set an incredibly dangerous precedent.

Really what i would like to see here is the FBI publicly taken to task over the fact that they fucked with the phone and changed the password. Isnt the fact that they did that at all "tampering with the evidence"?

I would not urinate on Tom Cook if he was on fire. The issue is not cooperation, it's do this or else. This is about tyranny. Look what happened to Gibson Guitar

so i watched a good part of the congress hearing today. and i have to say that i am glad apple is fighting this. even if everyone else here thinks it is for the wrong reason, at least they stood up to fight rather than roll over and do whatever the government wants. should they cooperate? no. will they? only if the court really honestly tells them to. and after today's hearing, and the new york judge from the other day, i sincerely hope that they tell the fbi to piss off.

No. If they cooperate they will undermine the security of all of their customers. If they supply the FBI with what they're asking for, they will manipulate that software to unlock every phone they want with no oversight. That's the reality of the situation if they receive what they're asking for.

I don't like Apple but I don't think all of their customer base deserves to have their security compromised.

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I say No. Apple is full of it anyway, and so is the FBI. They already have everything from those people, and I mean everything. And anyone who ever came in electronic contact with those people, they have everything of theirs too. This is just about the FBI promoting public acceptance of deeper privacy violations. If they put it out in the open, we all consent with our silence. For Apple, they are in this to create a false corporate image of security for it's users. Every terrorist in the world is probably buying an iphone right now, but I suppose people that talk dumb or desperate people into acts of violence ain't to bright to begin with. I really think companies are siding with Apple because they are all cooperating in a scheme where the government has less access to our communications and data. This will put them in a unique position of having something of huge value to the intelligence agencies of the world, and they will get top dollar for providing access accounts. They are in the process of further evolving a new industy comparable to the military industrial complex.

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'Controlled folly' on the part of the FBI.
They know their claim is BS.
The want to undermine privacy on iPlatformo.
Hoping the public is too pedestrian to argue.

Remember - this aint new tactics, they've undermined encryption before....

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There was, but the FBI, in an extremely uncharacteristically incompetent way (lawl), accidentally F!'d it up as if they were trying to do so on purpose...

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I believe it is all a sham. They are already recording storing and using every bit of info on you. You are being recorded at all times. You are being advertised to by even the things you supposedly said in private. They want to shake us up, make us think that the corporations are on our side. This news story implies that apple is not already spying on us, not already using info against us. It is like reverse psychology to make us all feel comfortable with the technology. That is what this whole fake thing is all about. I say yes in a case like terrorism get into that phone since you can and maybe it has valuable info that can stop any future attacks. But they should not have the right to be recording us, and invading our privacy. This is all just a sham, something to make us believe the opposite of what the truth is. That the apple corporation would never want to share our info. Then why the hell are they collecting it then?????

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XOR, not AND.

It isn't about that phone. It's about Apple certificate signing servers & the ability to circumvent their Root CA such that FBI == root on iFileSystem. That's how they'll get @ that phone. Bonus perk: they get @ all iDevices.

I can't make you a domain admin without making you a domain admin.

Welllllllllll, yea and nay....... depends on how you DoStuph™...

If Apple caves into the FBI demands then remember - your right to privacy is the duck

1 Like, what a remarkable image... the Bald Eagle is such a beautiful creature, I know this is a full on image, but we all have to eat, & mallards aren't rare (they're daffy... sorry..)

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Yeah I was going for the Irony of the Great American Icon feeding on its own kind - which is sorta what the FBI is trying to do here.

If they decide to roll out a program that issues speeding tickets from cell phone data, they can't have people with i-phones immune. They have to be able to get everyone.

Yep I got that, still an amazing image of an amazing raptor.
For a little levity :)

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For me, the (insert any government entity here) will keep reaching into the pockets of Americans until the pocket erodes away. Then they will have us by the... well you get the point.
We need start using encryption (zippers and velcro, if you prefer the analogy) in order to protect ourselves, instead of letting those who are far more incompetent try to tell us that it is safer with them.

I vouch :0