Shots Fired - Microsoft Blasts Google on How they Handle Android

That's the what the Surface 3 is for. you can get a Surface 3 128gb for $600. but what sort of ruins the surface 3 is the fact that the Type cover is still sold separately. including the pen. the tablet is for all intensive purposes dirt cheap right now, in fact i'm seriously about to save to get one. but the necessity of the type cover and pen sort of ruins the whole price range.

That is a decent price, but it has an atom processor. And it doesn't come with the pen or keyboard sleeve. If it came with those maybe, but I've seen what the i5 pro3 can do and if I had the money that would probably be the one I'd get.

Did Google reply "Windows Phone" ?

Not yet, at least not that im aware of. But it will be funny if they do.