Shortcut on Asus X470-i from Pico PSU?

Hello LevelOne community,

I accidentally plugged a 24V AC/DC into the Pico PSU. There’s a dead diode on it and probably more damage. I’ll try to fix it and the manufacturer told me to name the diode if I send a picture (it’s unreadable). However the motherboard doesn’t boot with a different PSU. The orange LED is constantly on, reset switch or power switch show now visible effect… CPU fan didn’t spin again after the accident. Tried booting without CPU or EPS.

  1. The pico PSU seems to have a weak protection.
  2. If 1. is true, shouldn’t a fuse mechanism on the motherboard have saved it?
  3. Can I fix it? I know it’s unlikely, but maybe I was lucky and there’s some kind of fuse…

MoBo: Asus X470-i
CPU: Ryzen 2400G
Ram: 32GB 3200MHz Corsair LMP
SSD: Samsung 970 500GB
PSU: Pico PSU (160W) + 24V AC/DC (150W)

p.s.: I’m a 22 year old German engineering student and have access to automotive standard laboratory equipment and can solder 0402 SMDs… I kinda know some basics and how a mosfet works, solderd many little diy projects and at some vacation jobs. But that’s it, so I basically have no idea what to do. I ordered it through Amazon and the WiFi-antenna is missing. But replacement because of that didn’t seem fair to me - as I clearly made a mistake.

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Did you put the 24V into the PicoPSU or the mainboard?
The PSU may have survived it with minor damage, the mainboard would likely be “art” (= dead) now.

Do you have another PSU to test the system?

Grüße aus dem Norden


Thanks for your greetings! 24V into the Pico PSU. Manufacturer confirmed that in theory nothing should happen to the mobo. Still thinking about what to do next. Will probably buy the GigaByte itx one to see which components are damaged…

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