So as I'm recently building my first desktop I've been scouring the internet just learning all kinds of tid bits of knowledge. I like watching "NCIX tech tips" on youtube and his other channels . Was just curious what people think of "short stroking" is it a thing people actually do? is it viable or would you do something like this to a hard drive on it's last leg?

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It's a good idea anyways to split your hard drive into 2 partitions, one for the OS and the rest for long term storage, that way if you ever have to reinstall your OS you only clear the first partition

did you already have a build? what budget what country?

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I would just get an SSD. A mechanical drive that has been "short stroked" is probably still slower than a cheap SSD.

Seems pointless. I partition my drives for better file management and file movement. My hard drive on my acer system I got back in 08 or 09 was split and ever since I have been doing the same. Just easier to manage space when one drive is split for the o.s. and the others for file uses. My main setup now is 1 ssd with 1 partition no separate partitions since its only 256 gigs. A hard drive split into 2 partitions 1 for games and 1 for music,movies comics. Finally another psyhical mechanical hard drive to store files solely for geforce experience recordings that sit on my hard drive for ever and never get used or uploaded usually and just get deleted later.

My other computer my back up has a 2 mechanical hard drives both partitioned in half and 1 small back up partion on the o.s. drive. So the main o.s. drive has the O.S. partition, game partition and back up partion. While the other hard drive is split between media partition and fraps partition.

A hard drive on its last leg is going to die faster from this kind of tinkering. You really won't see a speed boost from it either I do so for file management. Speed boost goes out the window if you use files from the slow partition and fast partition at the same time.

I just finished short-stroking it - ifyougetwhatIamsayin ;)
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The whole reason people went from Dos 3.3 to Dos 5.0 was to get away from short stroking.
Thanks @MrFlyte.....i needed a good laugh:)

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