Short sale: 8350, m5A99fx pro, cx750m

I recently purchased a 4770k and a Asus z87 pro board, got a really good deal, so I'm selling my 8350 and m5a99fx pro board. I purchased the 8350 and motherboard back in July and it's just been used for gaming. I will have it listed on here for a day or two before I take it down from here and list it on ebay. I figured I'd give someone on here a chance first. I'd prefer to ship within the continental US. I purchased all the items in July of this year and they have only been used for gaming.

AMD 8350



Asus m5a99fx Pro R2.0





Corsair CX750m





On a total side note if there is anyone looking for a great price to performance gaming PC I could incorporate the parts above with the rest of the parts in this PCPartpicker. I don't have a huge desire to sell this stuff but I would consider selling it as a complete PC if someone is trying to build a PC for the holidays. I'll entertain some offers just to see if anyone is interested. I'll get pics up soon.

The only parts for sale individually are the ones listed above. Thanks

god dammit i live in the uk nice set of components thought you could make a system and sell it?


I wish I had the money for that, I would of bought the cpu and mobo, I've got the same power supply which has been working very nicely!

shot you an email about the 8350 and mobo