Short and simple question

Can u use a z77 mobo with a i5 2500k?

Or will it cause any problems?



PS please learn me some more about chips =p


But i hope the awnser will be long and informative!

Well there is realy a short ansewr to your question. Yes it can.

you can put a 2500k on every socket 1155 mobo. there are only a few little diffrences between the i5-2500k and the i5-3570k. The igpu, the 2500k uses the intel HD 3000 grahpics, and the 3570K uses the intel 4000 HD graphics. and the i5-3570k is a littlebit higher clocked. and the i5-3570k supports pci-e 3.0. the i5-2500k pci-e 2.0.

But the i5-2500k is  a realy great cpu for gaming. and overclocking, the ivy-bridge will run hotter then the sandy bridge.

grtz Angel ☺

Hello thanks alot for the information!

yea he got a sandybridge rig now, but its something wrong with his mobo. Theres alot of z77 mobos out there and not so many P67...

Yea im running a 3570k atm, good stuff!


PS: So what u saying is sandbridge dosent support pc-e 3.0? Didint know that!

yes sandy bridge does NOT support pci-e 3.0. but that doesn´t realy matter much. its still a great cpu for gaming.

yea :D

PS I think logan was talking about pci-e 2 & 3 in some video. That there wasnt any games that used the extra bandwidth that comes with pci-e 3? For now(or back then). i wonder how far away that reality is, if its true..

well i can tell you thats true, even todays games will not use the full bandwith of pci-e 2.0. i think that will take at least one or two years before games get realy take the full bandwith of pci-e 2.0. about pci-e 3.0 till the time games get realy optimized to use the full bandwith of pci-e 3.0 our systems allready retared. and pci-e 4.0 would then probably allready exist.

the advanice of pci-e 3.0 is more into if you use fast pci-e raid controllers or pci-e SSD drives, or that kind of stuf. ☺

The fact of the matter is that current graphics cards don't have enough power to saturate PCI-E 2.0 bandwidth yet, so you're not going to see a difference between PCI-E 2.0 and PCI-E 3.0. You can even still get 95 percent of a card's performance out of PCI-E 2.0 running at x8 which means the same probably applies to PCI-E 1.0. The nice thing about PCI-E 3.0 is that there are more PCI-E lanes natively on the boards which means you could potentially run four cards all at PCI-E 2.0 x16 speeds on certain motherboards without having to use an add on chip like a plx chip, which was previously impossible. 

Like I said though, you could still run cards in PCI-E 2.0 x8 and still get 95 percent of the card's performance, so PCI-E 3.0 isn't really necessary right now. 

To answer your original question, you can use a 2500k with a z77 board. I'm actually using a 2600k with one right now. 

okok i see, thanks for the help ppl.

Vortex, so pci-e 3.0 arent beeing needed for along time? If the game dont need all the bandwidth 2.0 can handle?


Yeah, PCI-E 3.0 is ahead of its time right now. There might be a few niche expansion cards that would be able to utilize the bandwidth (maybe a very high end raid card or PCI-E SSD), but most cards aren't going to use it.