Shooting on Red Helium

This is a mixed questioon because although its a video camera it shoots photo resolution at 8k. So a rich friend of mine is getting a Red Helium next month and has offered to shoot a narrative project with me. I really want to try out such an expensive camera, but I haven't got a clue why I'd need to shoot 8k. as long as i compose the shot correctly I shouldn't need to crop in more than I would with 6k to 4k. 6k makes sense for video stabilization and cropping into 4k to perfect the shot. Greenscreening has similar results/diminishing returns. so I guess I'm asking if there's any shooting conditions which 8k would be beneficial, or should i shoot 6k at higher frame rates. the shoot isn't costing me anything so I can focus on the Narritive and have the luxury of raw 6k. any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

You could use the maximum resolution, crop in and still have more than 4k of detail. Even when you downscale that to 4k you should end up with more detail than a native 4k image. But you will have to think about the postprocessing since that is probably a bit more demanding in editing