Shit motherboard

I have a really bad motherboard that a friend picked out for me cough cough lolumad273

I am getting really bad FPS in games on low settings like;

crysis wars-which also crashes randomly


COH tales of valor

The bios doesn't let you oc the cpu and the i hav tried using amd overdrive but i still can't change anything and the mobo is a ATI and i hav a nividia card

but anyway its a ECS A780VM-M2

I plan on replacing the mobo with an asus m3n72-D 750a

 but if anyone know of anything i could do to oc or something

This is the rest of my specs

CPU AMD Phenom 9500 Quad
Graphics card Nividia Geforce 9800 GT
Ram 4gb

Uhhhm... You cant expect good fps on a 9800gt. And if its crashing, check your temperatures.
and try to stay away really cheap motherboards.....

Your first problem is your not on Newegg (lol). And yea if it crashes it could be temperatures of even the video drivers. Oh, and if your getting a new mobo just go ahead and get a really nice one, and if you have the money get one that has an Intel socket and buy a better CPU.

should of went with ATI

sucks for you

Once you know, you newegg. :-]

yea dude lol
those websites he linked were so shitty xDDD

yea dude lol
those websites he linked were so shitty xDDD

Mm, Newegg seems pretty shitty.. Giving you used shit.

well guys just to give you a hint on how shitty his framerate is, he gets like 12 fps in crysis medium, thats fucked up. I got like 25-40 on high with my 8800gts. He also gets like 10 fps in gta 4 on all low, its pretty weird

At least it's cheap.

yea i usually just buy from whoevers cheapest which is usually tigerdirect or newegg but its cheap at that site

they give you used parts?

I live in Norway, we got real shit here.

Well i know KOkun got some used parts from them.


i always shop tigerdirect despite the smaller selection i like it more.

I am having second thoughts about buying this mobo now and

do you think it would better if i saved money for christmas and bought intel (maybe an i7) cus id hav to buy an intel mobo and new ram

i mean christmas is only 89 days away