Shinobi NVR

Anyone get Shinobi up and running?

I got as far as getting into the webGUI, but it won’t let me create a user. I did not install mySQL, I assumed MariaDB that installs with Shinobi fills that role, was I supposed to install mySQL before even starting?
@SudoSaibot got input?

Update: Changed from CentOS7 VM to Ubuntu 14 LTS, I can now setup accounts wowho! The GUI is great period- next to zoneminder its in a whole different galaxy.

Now to figure out how to actually add cameras/channels. Then to save vids to a freenas cif. Then how to port forward but secure access when I’m mobile.

Taken from a Zoneminder reddit thread to add Reolink’s:

  • rtsp://user:[email protected]:554/h264Preview_01_main
  • I put 30 fps
    It works! Sort of. Very choppy compared to the OEM client installed on Win10.

So this is weird, I went to setup a monitoring option and the webGUI froze, then timed out, rebooted the VM and Shinobi runs suuuuper slow, times out and is just un-usable, cannot delete the feed to try and fix it, so I just restore from an earlier snapshot and move on.

  • maybe due to not enabling a particular monitoring tool yet?
  • Instead of nuking from orbit is there a file/.conf that I can edit to undo the setting change that cripples Shinobi?

Currently have all four of my PoE cameras feeding into Shinobi. Its very very choppy, but the GUI is great and the dev’s articles and such are great. If the dev doesn’t run out of steam its exciting to see where this could go. Notes for others that might want to attempt:

Adding cameras: x2 Reolink RLC-410 Bullet, RLC-420 dome, RLC-422 5mp zoom dome.

Some info on Reolink from Zoneminder trail blazers:

Reolink: h264 camera facts.

Stream types for reolink:

  • Poseidon is lagging

  • HLS AVOID causes system to be un-usable and requires reverting to snapshot

  • FLV doesn’t work

  • JPEG with audio is decent

Notes from the Zoneminder attempt:

  • Reolink has two feeds per each camera, one is high frame rate, one much slower (and I believe lower resolution). For the OEM client I believe the slower FR is for motion sensing.

Current result- all four of my Reolinks are feeding in, but there is severe frame skipping, or just lock up of the feed all together.

@SudoSaibot, any more feedback? And thanks for nudging me to keep at Shinobi.

What settings are available when you login to the camera? You should be able to adjust stream type (mpeg, h265…), bitrate and authentication settings.


Video standard NTSC (other option is PAL)

Quality options:
30 fps
Max Bitrate(kbps) 6144 (lots of options but this is what is stock and the stock windows and android client is somewhat smooth)

Resolution 640*360
7 fps
Max Bitrate(kbps) 160

I’m not finding a stream type selection, seems to be h264