Shinobi Camera Recording Software

I currently use Zoneminder which is built on PHP, not an excellent platform for streaming. But it works and is open source so you can audit their code and catch telemetry like when they tried to sneak it in one of the later updates... But thats just rambling.

The software went down mysteriously a few days ago and I've been crawling through logs making sure it was a genuine failure. Seems the software had a segfault of some sort. I could login and it just said stopped at the top of the page. Hit start and everything is back up.

I was curious if any other software has surfaced over the past couple years and found this:


Shinobi CCTV/NVR recording software built on Node.JS and is open source as well. It seems a bit young but looks promising and has active development.

Anybody tried this at all? I think I might throw in a couple spare drives and spin up a fresh install of linux with this for science. Probably will be my weekend project.


I'm in the early stages of investigating a self rolled CCTV dvr and have looked at Zoneminder, and while it looks like it seems limited. But then again I haven't gotten into the nitty gritty with it yet. I'm Curious as to your experience with Shinobi.

Just installed Shinobi on CentOS7- and not to knock Shinobi as I’m sure its me, but its not working for me. For dumb asses like me I have to pay up, get BlueIris (God, it makes me feel like an apple user), Zoneminder and Shinobi is just too DIY’ish for me.

If you decide to try again, make a new thread and tag me. Ill try and sort you through it. I made the switch and it definitely works better than zoneminder.

Tried it today- I got to where the webGUI comes up on 8080, log in as admin on 8080/super and click the green + to add a user (for dashboard access) and it just doesn’t take, it does nothing.

I would like it to work though, BlueIris is $60.00 then + $10.00 for the app- so $70.00 and it sounds like BlueIris is resource intensive. At that price point I might just buy the NVR hardware meant for my PoE cams, its honestly pretty feature rich- I’ve been running the Windows client version that has less options and all I want for improvement is playback via the app and not needing to VPN in as well.

You were not kidding, got ZM installed on an Ubuntu VM and the webGUI pretty spartan. Also not showing anything when I register a feed…