Shin Megami Tensei Online : First english videos!

Done by me...

is the game good?

Yes, yes it is. It's catered to fans of:

Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online, RF Online, Final Fantasy XI, Etc...

Uh more like catered to fans of Persona and Digital Devil Saga.

It may play and look like those other games but once you get to the dungeons youll realize its nothing like them

The dungeons are so fucking huge and full of shit ready to rape you it reminds me of playing persona for the first time

its REALLY fun and seems addicting.

is all the text and talking in Japanese or something

Nope, All english :3

Well not ALL but hey, its a beta. All the quests are fully translated as are menus.


is this going to have a monthly subscription fee?

if so how much?

It's 100% FREE

(Provided by Aeria Games... It's like a Less-Gay Ijji.)

ijji lol, only good game was GunZ, until Ijji decided to publish it...

^once we found out how much pings mattered, gunz was fail. gunz programmed correctly w/better graphics= one of the most unique fast paced shooters out there (hopefully gunz 2?)

and i counter game videos with aya hirano in HD talking about her bleach character in the new movie

err, well you gotta go to the actual link since embedded vids are fail :3

free is good enough for me. ill wait until its not a beta though

Well seeing as how signups are closed, that would probably be the most reasonable idea.

looks boring (in my opinion)

Its not. (in my opinion)