Shimian qh2700

I am in the market for a new monitor, and I really want one of those cheap korean 1440p monitors. I was looking around and saw that Shimian has a new monitor, the 2700, as opposed to the 270. Unfortunately I've spent some time looking for this monitor and could not find anything about it. 



Hopefully someone knows at least something about it that makes it different from the old one and all the others. I would be really interested as it looks very sleek and seems to be of better quality than the old one. I like how the Shimians seem to have a lower response time than the X-Star, the one that Logan recommended above the others (remember I'm talking, though, about the 2700, not the 270 unlike Logan in the videos that were made quite a while ago now.) 

Anybody,  please? There are a major lack of reviews on this specific model.