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Shift key does not work on WoWs that has been launched from Lutris


Okay, this has been an issue for me a long time now. I tested this on freshly installed Ubuntu 19.04 (but it has been bothering me longer). On World of Warships when you press shift to zoom it just flashes a little bit but does not zoom. If i press it longer (1-2 seconds) it goes into zoom mode. Same thing if you want away from zoom view. If i remap that key to any other key like mouse side button it works perfectly. Other games like World of Tanks zooming with shift works perfectly fine.

I have tested different wine-runners for it. Protonified and whatnot but that does not do any difference.

I went bit further and installed xubuntu. On that platform there is no issue at all, shift works fine. It also works on Arch without any issues.

What could cause that shift to malfunction in Ubuntu 19.04 and Lutris in World of Warships?

Also note: If i install WoWs from Steam i can zoom with shift normally under Ubuntu.

I also tested to take of key repeat from ubuntu settings but that didn’t do anything for this issue.



Are you using Steam Proton 4.11.x and on Lutris WINE Staging on Lutris?



What GPU do you have?



On Lutris i tested different wine versions. Staging, ge-protonified from various build versions. All produced same symptoms. Latest staging is the one that has been installed system wide.

On steam it was the latest possible but can’t recall the version.

GPU is 1070ti with latest driver version that was available in Nvidia PPA (430.x) but i also tested previous one 418.x with no luck.

Or did you meant something else?