Sharing files with Windows from mounted drive on Linux

Ok, so i need some help with this, as title says, i want to share (some) files from mounted hard drive in Linux Mint 17.1.

I can access any non-mounted file share added in samba, but can't access files on mounted drive (windows says: "you don't have permission").


I know what root problem is, but can't figure out the way to solve it. Permissions for "Others" on mounted (NTFS) drives cannot be changed, and that is basically the problem. While using complete drive permissions (from GUI), it says that it is not possible to determine permissions for "drive path".

To add/specify: When permissions are visible (ex: for folder), when changed for others, it automatically reset to none them moment i change them.


So, anyone knows how to solve it?

To test if it is a user issue add "forceuser = [primarylinuxuser]" to the samba config. Replacing [primarylinuxuser] with the username of said primary user (or be reckless and try root).

This isn't an ideal solution but should test to see if it is the issue.

I think it is not the problem with samba itself. I can access files from non-mounted (linux partition) drive. Problem arise when i try to share files/directories on mounted (NTFS) drive. For my root user, i can't change permission on any mounted drive, it automatically resets permissions.

I did add users from samba GUI, with password etc., and in Windows, result was that it prompts for username and password, after accepting u&p it prompts msg. that windows user don't have permission, while on linux partition (non-mounted) it works without problem. Isn't that the same as what you suggested? Because I don't really know where to add that what you said (I know it is in smb.conf, but exact line, or is it not important?).

Also, to be more specific, those shared directories and files will be accessable without username and password (as i did tested on linux partiotion, and it works fine). So, any solution that require username or password will not do it (even if it works).

Any other ideas? I was thinking to modify NTFS partitions permissions from Windows, to allow change on everyone, would it have effect on Linus?

Problem solved by setting permissions via NTFS Configuration Tool, and then adding shares via samba for all users.

It was the problem of mounted drives permissions.