Sharing a contra strat

It's called the triangle of death.

I don't know just showing you things we come up with... Normally everything we do works very well against everyones, including cevo teams.


Basically it's a 4 1 Fake split at A.

You have one person go through side to upper to try to pick the guy upper, in which case the other four with AKs will overwhelm anyone in lower A back into sands or towards CT spawn, in which case if their dead or run away the four will then head through the sewers and have 2 go up to flank room one to watch door and one to watch both ends of the sewer, two go up to dark room and one gets the bomb down and one other comes out through dark to watch box room for rotates from T spawn, in which case the one that played solo in a will the bunny hop down from upper A all the way through CT spawn to the turnpike at B in order to watch box room, thus forming a triangle and forcing a bottleneck on the bomb area. Hence the name.

in theory... the cts would be rotating A ( juke the shit out of them )

the upper a guy would probably most likely die

and the dead lower guy ct would probably call the sewers unless u fake the camera

are u 1.6 or source??

coz thats a 1.6 overview and you have a source sig loL?

Do both.

I have played since 1.5 and have EXP in... Well... Look.

This is from legit proof with shit backed out for eh.. Privacy.

Game ID Handle Team Name Division

0:1:76*** *** Team Ricochet Intermediate

0:1:76*** *** Green Berets Invite

0:1:76*** *** [inactive]Glimpse of Reality Main

0:1:76*** *** [DEAD]Tyrannize Intermediate

0:1:76*** *** [INACTIVE]Riot Squad Invite

0:1:76*** *** [INACTIVE]EFGaming Main

0:1:76*** *** [DEAD]x3o Invite

0:1:76*** *** [inactive]saviorsix Invite

0:1:76*** *** [Inactive]Glimpse of Reality Invite

0:1:76*** *** [DEAD]Unitary Guerilla Platoon Main

0:1:76*** *** [INACTIVE]shockwave Premier

0:1:76*** *** San Francisco Optx css CEVO Professional

This strat was actually given to me by the leader of SK Sweden.