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A dramatic win for the '87 Toronto Blue Jays in the bottom of the 9th in Pure Sim Baseball. The pc game is actually free on the internet and is as every bit as good as paid sports sims you will get. Update: In fact I just made a donation to the company because I felt having this good a game free was ridiculous.

Bud Black, of the '87 Kansas City Royals, throws 5 and 2/3 innings of no hit baseball and in the end pitches a complete game shutout getting the win over the '87 ChiSox. (Pure Sim Baseball)

Guy Hoffman threw 6 innings of no hit ball and ended up with a one hitter as he led his Cincinnati Reds to a 9-0 win over the San Diego Padres. Also for good measure Mr. Hoffman collected 2 walks at the plate and scored a run. (Pure Sim Baseball)