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Put this shit in the photography megathread homie


Naw nigguh


Recent violation




y no fake scanlines


I dont get what you mean


What you did to the image is reminiscent of the 'Retro CRT' look (crushed blacks, projection warping, soft vignette) and I think it's a shame you didn't go all the way.


True that

although there was never clear intent to do it some way, like even if my intention is to do for example "blue fire", the end result is chromatic blue


Photobucket violated that original 1080p wallpaper so its terminated for good, shame


So whats missing, just the scanlines before doing warp & blur?


yeah, though you might want to alpha over just a tad after vignetting too, for that extra real aesthetic


"Wrong" order often does magic for things and I was imagining doing like bokeh effect blurs for those scanlines

There is some photo guy cringing like why would do fake bokeh on top of the thing, especially why would you do hexagon bokeh?!


Or you could just draw the lines.
To simulate scanlines I made a layer of microscopic black lines and placed that over the art.


I am a "photo guy"

yeah bokeh is dumb and overrated.


I am not that much fan when its being used with these PC part shots like I'm watching through some plastic spyglass, but that said

Its really hacky way to layer some magik :smiley:


I’ve been working on this idea for a few days.
Columbus College of Art & Design is 2 miles away and they have the giant Art sculpture.
Across the street is Wendy’s original headquarters, it’s a regional office now.

A lot of silhouetting details and redrawing the photos was done because blowing them up looked shitty.
I had to draw a lot of guidelines to get the perspective and shadows perfect.



Some Work in Progress stuff. Been doing a bit of streaming as well since I got me some good internets.



Whatcha trying to make?


It’s a Digimon called Kapurimon. I’ve already made it’s baby form and posted it on here further up. My idea is to make a whole digivolution line, since each form gets more complex as it digivolves the idea is that the modelling will get hard and force me to learn some complex tools that I normally wouldn’t come across.



I haven’t seen this in months, and oooooooh shit … I just lost my shit laughing hysterically.