Share Keyboard between PC and Android?

I’m currently experimenting with Dex a bit. So far it’s a great concept but i hate having two Keyboards at my desk. I could go with a USB Switch, but i thought there might be a software solution…

I know Synergy, but that doesn’t seem to support android. Are you aware of any other solutions? I don’t need any seemless mode or such, switching with a hotkey is fine for me. I also only really need keyboard, my mouse (MX Master) has a switch for multiple devices.
Also, i’m on Windows. I know KDE Connect can do something close to that in allowing input to pass through to the phone, but that’s linux only so…

The only thing coming to my mind is a Bluetooth board with different devices like the MX master.

But I have never needed or looked into this, so there may be a better option.

I have a Logitech K380 that I sometimes switch from my laptop to my phone. It’s not an instant switch like a USB switcher, it takes a moment to disconnect from the laptop and connect to my phone. So if every device Logitech has switches like that it’s not seamless and it’s useful only if you’re writing a message every once in a while and you don’t want to pick you phone up. I don’t think there are any input devices out there that can hook up through bluetooth to multiple devices simultaneously and switch immediatly.

The only thing I know it might work (I didn’t tested it) is DeskDock PRO from the Play Store. It’s an app like Synergy that allows you to move keyboard and mouse inputs to your phone. You can give it a go.

You could try Chrome Remote Desktop. I’ve used it to access my desktop through my phone. I think it works the other way around as well. A better solution might be Android Studio. It will allow you to pass your device through for application development.