Shadow of mordor on windows steam on playonlinux on ubuntu gnome

hye guys

so i got ubuntu gnome and i installed playonlinux as the great master wendel showed on the tek linux channel and got steam via playonlinux and innstalled shadow of mordor but i can't play it :( and i don't want te linux version( if there even is one) cause i completed the main quest and would like to just run around and kill stuff know what i mean :p

TLDR; how to play shadow of mordor on stteam ( windows version) so i can take of where i was

as far as i know you cant because it runs dx 11.

so i would be able to play it on a virtual machine?

if you can pass in a video card to the virtual machine, then yes you can run it in a VM.

okey well think i'm gonna try and do that tomorrow thanks for the link :)

ya there are a few other guilds but that should be a start so you know what your trying to do.

Middle-earthâ„¢: Shadow of Mordorâ„¢ will be available on SteamOS and Linux in Spring 2015.

why not wait for the linux version? you should be able to pull your save files over right? i had 0 trouble getting my borderlands files over from windows when i switched.

Shadow of Mordor is getting a Linux port so if you want best performance just wait till it is ported.

Yeah mordor doesnt like playonlinux/wine etc I spent a good few hours the other week with it. Just one of those games I suppose. Meh, just play it in windows (via a VM or otherwise) or wait for the linux port.