Shadow Gaming w/ KVM

Hey all,

Wanted to share this with you.

THey are using KVM to do this service.

This is essentially my end goal with my system and on my home network that is capable of 10Gb (CAT6a) but I only have 1Gb hardware until it gets to be more affordable.

Over the next few months I want to get a low powered AMD GPU for my Linux Host for Looking Glass and also wanting to try and get a Raspberry Pi for the family room to access the same Windows host for games.

Will then create a second Host for my wife’s computer once I get the first working.

Then as the kids get older I want to go to HEDT and add a couple more GPUs.

So similar approach to this but all local because I think that will always be better than paying a monthly fee.

Their main draw they have is their special sauce applications that have good image quality and low latency. Both on the client and server ends. Unfortunately, neither is open source, and also they don’t distribute the server application that streams the display, and receives inputs.

Yea, I wish they did, I really like building computers but I really want to build a “game server”