Shackle me to the bandwagon already (New Member, Hello World!)

Hi all, my name is Garret. I recently got myself banned from a collection of facebook photography groups for shamelessly plugging Mint, Rawtherapee, Darktable and GIMP to new photographers. Nodobe, no problem… You know. Anyways, I think I’m in the right place now.

I’m currently in the process of sourcing (exceptionally cheap ie- 1st gen xeon prices…) hardware to use as a game server (7D2D, ARK Survival) as well as storage for my home (room mate does audio recording, I do photography). If anyone has suggestions I’m all ears!

I’m very new to this, but I’d like to make sysadmin-light into my side-chick. My educational background is in biology, namely bacteriology, so this is a departure to say the least…

Thanks again for having me out. -GH


I’m wondering how you managed to get kicked out of so many groups. But won’t ask anything.

Are you settled on the configuration of the server?