SFTP issues

I am setting up a small server for testing purposes. Right now I can ssh into it and do everything I need to in the terminal, but, When i try to use filezilla to send files into my web directory I get a permission denied error. I have looked into some solutions but there are many out there and i am wondering what the best solution is. The server is running ubuntu 14.04 server.

Can you create files through ssh? How about scp? Have you checked the usual, that correct user? correct directory, correct permissions?

yes I have full functionality in the command line, Its only when I try to upload a file in filezilla that I get an error saying I do not have permission.

Just taking a guess here, but your probably logged in as let say "user1" and the web dir is in /var/www
If you look at the owner and group of /var/www is should be like httpd/apache/www/ and have read access but not write for every one.  
Best way to proceed is to add your user to the group that controls /var/www and make sure the group has write access.
The cowboy get it fixed way is "chmod -R 777 /var/www"