SFF Custom loop

Would the UT60 Single 120mm Rad be able to cool an i7-4790k OC'ed to 4.6Ghz



Its going into a Mini-ITX rig that has a front 120mm rad suport and ghetto 120mm rad on the side as well (Cooler Master Elite 130)


Is this pump too weak to do the job ?

So essentially 2x 120mm rads to cool the cpu. Thats plenty, just have nice high static pressure fans. & that pump/res combo will be more than fine. Post pics man, those little cm130 cases are awesome.

I sure will post them pictures, although I yet to build the rig its self


How do those parts look ?

it is a little dumb to upgrade the rad to a Monsta 80mm thick rad single 120mm and run a GTX 780 in the loop as well ?

Or play it safe and leave the 780 on its custom cooler and still run the PCU on the monsta 80mm thick 

Now that would be cool... excuse the pun. It not dumb at all, the more rad the better imho. I'd probably stick a nice noctua fan on it though.

Parts look good enough - only suggestion is a change of the psu to one that has a strong single 12v rail instead of 4.

Looks like that gpu follows a nvidia reference design as well so you'll waterblock options galore. (according to the ek cooling config website)

So you are implying that i could use the 80mm thick monsta rad paired up with a GTX 780 and i5-4690K

(Downgrade the CPU to pay for the water cooling block for the GTX 780) and High static pressure Noctua case fans in Push Pull config ? 

Also, I don't think that the i7 would come into that much of a difference during my gaming sessions and daily heavy use :P

Perhaps its worth going to a xeon chip. Its still very strong and not intended for overclocking but your temps will be quite low. A single uber thick rad should be ok. You could even look at getting the Asus Poseidon 780 - has a waterblock as well as its normal heatsink/fan setup. May save you a few dollars.

At the end of the day a single uber thick 120 is on the limit imho, but worth a shot. As long as your intentions are quietness and not overclocking then you should be ok.

I'll give this some more thought....


ok. Stupid question from me but how much extra juice can i squeeze out of a 4690k by OC'ing it to 4.5-4.6 Ghz ?



Direct CUii is $509

XSPC Full block is $120

I guess it is actually cheaper :D

and you reckon the system will run much hotter with a OC'ed cpu vs a Xeon


This is what i am thinking of what to choose from but would I have to get a different MOBO ?