Setup Virtual Machine using GPU passthrough with LookingGlass, Audio and Input support

Hello, is there any tutorial how to setup Virtual Machine (Windows 10) in Linux using GPU passthrough with LookingGlass, Audio and Input support?

I know how to create Virtual Machine using GPU passthrough, but I don’t know how to setup audio support and input support using Spice (I want low latency input --> gaming and I don’t want to have hardware KVM switch).

So I wonder if there is any ultimate tutorial which exaplains how to setup Looking Glass properly and audio / input support.

For Audio I want to get audio from VM guest to Host and from Host pass microphone to VM (guest).

For audio, I made this post a while ago, look at the audio section, it should help you get virtualized audio from the VM to the Host. Keep in mind there are some challenges with passing audio from the VM to the host by the virtualized audio devices, in terms of crackling audio and mismatches in frequencies, so you will have to experiment and troubleshoot a lot based on your particular setup and if it works or not for you.

If you are very lucky it will just work out of the box.

For passing input between devices, you can probably do something using the kvm qemu environment, but wound up using Synergy for this, since it allows me to have a nifty set of keyboard bindings to easily switch control between multiple VM’s and it works very smoothly. I think LookingGlass might also be capable of capturing the input and passing it through to the VM, but I have not used it yet since I have a dedicated monitor for the VM.

Thank you, I heard about Synergy, but isn’t there input lag? Because it is going over network.

I use localhost so it goes over the local NAT network setup for the VM and directly to the host since they are on the same machine. I haven’t noticed any input lag so far, though I haven’t tested it.

I found this for mouse / keyboard sharing do you have any experiences with it? It should have zero latency.

No, but if it is part of qemu then it is probably a better solution than synergy.

Yes, I haven’t tested it yet, I found more about it here

That would be great if someone tested input lag on Synergy and on Evdev :smiley:

I just created very simple program for testing Input Lag, you can test Input Lag between SPICE / Evdev / Synergy / Baremetal, if there is any input lag at all.

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