Setting up SATA RAID Z690 BIOS F23a question

Basic question first, has anyone successfully set up a raid 1 utilizing two SATA 2TB+ HDs on a Gigabyte Aorus Ultra Mobo with a z690 and DDR 5 RAM and F23a BIOS? This would not be a RAID implementation for boot; these two SATA HD drives forming a RAID 1 would be for data only. Win 11 Pro, 64bit.

I would assume you set it from ACHI to raid
then you would have to set up your boot drive as a jbod
in other words pass it through by itself

install windows, you will likely need to install the raid drivers before the install begins with have disk

once windows is installed using the bios utility create your raid 1

its important you do that after the OS install because windows will absolutely put its boot loader on anything besides the boot disk if given the opprotunity

I had too many other details to tend to.l… so I just gave up and used drive mirroring in Windows… but thanks for your input~!~