Setting up PFsense as a wireless bridge with ethernet breakout

Is it possible to use PFsense to bridge to an existing wireless network? Essentially I want to have my PFsense box to forward all WAN traffic to another network over wifi. Unfortunately I must use wifi in my case. Is it possible to have PFsense connect to another wireless network and foward all WAN traffic to it?

Also I would appreciate any information on how to get PFsense configured while skipping the WAN settup and interface assignment step.


Can you draw a picture?
Can't really understand, it sounds like you just want to extend the wifi?

So you have 2 separate networks, not 2 Wireless access points? The whole point of pfsense in the sit in the middle of your internal network(AKA LAN) and the external network (AKA WAN)

due to the lack of MSpaint or similar, I will attempt to explain.

I have a WAN connection coming out of a modem on the second floor of my house.

That is connected to a router from the ISP.

Connected to the router is an Airport Extreme that distributes connection to all of the devices in the house.

My house is not wired for ethernet.

I have my main tech room on the bottom floor on the opposite side of the house.

I have a PFsense LAN router that I use for my NAS and LAN servers in that room.

I am looking to connect that PFsense router wirelessly to the Airport Extreme on the second floor so that if anything that is connected to my PFsense LAN makes a request for WAN content, PFsense grabs those packets and sends the wirelessly to the network on the second floor.

Is this possible?

If I'm understanding sounds like you would need another wireless AP physically connected to the PFsense box so that it can hit your Airport Extreme upstairs?

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I already have a compatible wireless card attached to my PFsense box; I should be a ble to use that right?

Ah, makes sense now.I haven't tried it, but you should be able to use any wireless card that would be compatible with FreeBSD, so yes. Sorry I'm not sure though how to get it to connect to your Airport Extreme wireless router.

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I haven't tried this but I would think that if you can configure the wireless card as a client and connect to the access point then you should be able to bridge the wireless interface with your LAN.


Bingo..that's what had me hesitant...I figured they would both be acting as "server". Surely there's a way to get it to act as client so that it can hit the Airport...but I've never done this in FreeBSD or with PFsense..or with any machine really.

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