Setting up my XAMPP on Windows 8.1 to host website

So, i was thinking about creating a website where my parents and other relatives can visit and check out my family pictures. I dont feel comfortable uploading all of it to some site/server so i was thinking, since i store all pictures (all 200gb of them) on my hdd anyway i could make them available as a password protected website for my relatives.

So how could i do that? I have just used xampp for running php code and websites i was working on...

It has to be very simple. None of them have very good pc skills.

Treat me as a complete noob in hosting and networking :)

You would be better off by creating a shared dropbox account and setting up it in their computers. You do not seem to have enough skill in PHP to achieve what you want to do.

You can use plex media server to do this, if they create an account you can share your library with them which they can view using the web app.

This. Simplest way for you and them, albeit your pictures will have to be uploaded to a server.

use gallery which is about as simple as it gets. they can create an account or you do it and disable registration and be done with it. Although it would be wise to follow/check this site for some added security for xampp
Most things already seem to be added already in xampp but it's still a pretty good checklist to see if the basics are dealt with.