Setting up home network need advice

So I want to get my hands dirty with Cisco iOS. These are the products I picked out. Haven't purchased just yet, but I'm wondering what you think?

It might seem weird to have more router ports than switch ports, but this is what is available at a good price on amazon. Plus I could always add another switch later to the router, so it's nice to have some extra ports.

So now I need to upgrade my WAP also. So would you recommend I get a pf sense box going for that, or just get something like this?

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I wouldn't use pfsense as a wap, not even if you were also using it as a router or firewall. Pfsense is not great fo WiFi.

Get yourself a decent access point instead.

like the access point I listed up there?

What do you think about the switch and router?

how about this?

I don't know much about Cisco stuff.

I use a ubiquiti unifi AC access point and ice been pretty happy with it. I wouldn't recommend any of the other wireless stuff I've used but the unifi is solid.

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It deserves to be mentioned that using the CLI on the SG series is a tad different from the iOS implementation on Catalyst and ISR stuff. It's subtle but if you want to get your hands dirty and learn Cisco it might not be optimal.

Perhaps it's not in your price range but the 2960/3560CX might be a good option if you want to keep things quiet.

Besides Cisco stuff have a look for the Juniper SRX220H on eBay. You can get them for around $200 and it's a very competent device for that money.

I can't really say anything about the AP but my gut feeling is that it doesn't make for an amazing device to learn wireless from.

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We just put in a ubiquiti unifi AC system at our hotel! Its pretty nice! Using a single acess point for my home as well It works great!