Setting up Domain to VPS

I guess this is where questions go?

Anyway. I have a domain and a VPS and I'd like the domain to point to the VPS... pretty trivial really. I thought I had what it takes to do it, but apparently I'm not enough of a man to do it.

Can someone give me a quick step by step thing of what i need to do. I've got the Nane Servers from my VPS and I put them into the Custom DNS option for my domain...

I thought that would be it, but after a day still nothing... maybe it takes longer. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Ive tried google, but it just gives me very specific steps on how to do it for a specific provider (goDaddy mostly *sigh*).

Would appreciate some help =D

If I were you I'd migrate my DNS services to CloudFlare. You won't have to pay any extra if you already registered the domain, and it'll guide you through what to do to get your domain transferred to their nameservers. Once you get it there, it should be relatively straightforward to add a DNS record to point it to a VPS.

Works great!