Setting up a wireless access point with router

I have an old Netgear DGN2000 lying around, and due to the fair distance between my computers and BT Home Hub 3 router I'm interested in setting up a wireless access point to get the most out of the fibre connection in this house.

I tried to set it up before, but begrudgingly gave up due to being completely lost in the details. I learned a lot from research, but evidently not enough to announce victory over the challenge faced...

Has anyone successfully done this, and are the aforementioned routers even capable of working in such a setup? I'm prepared to just buy a WAP as they don't seem to be particularly expensive, but I'd love to bring a new life to the Netgear, if at all possible.

It is very easy to do. I have an old DSL Modem just collecting dust, seeing I have a PFSense Box, wifi wasn't an option. So I decided to try using my old verizon DSL modem, and it worked for me. All you need to do is set the ip address (different from your main router), disable DHCP and plug the network cable into the LAN port on your netgear router. Say like for the gateway IP I have mine set for, and I have my WAP's IP Address set for If you set any static IP's wirelessly (say like a server with a wifi adapter, set the gateway as the main routers address

Thanks, I think I had tried this more than once and ran up against a lot more problems, but I will give it another go.