Setting up a Linux lab for self-learning

Was wondering about the viability of setting up a personal Linux lab that I can use to learn the OS. I have an old optiplex that is not being used for anything so would like to use that, would I be able to run a Linux instance as a vm on top of either a windows installation or an easy to set up Linux distro that way if I really mess something up, I could just revert. The specs include a Core 2 Quad Q9500, 4GB DDR2, and 128GB SSD. Would this work for virtualizing a single Linux machine, or would it be better to just load Linux on the box directly?

You could probably do 2 VMs on there, but the better option would be to install Linux directly in my opinion. The main hindrance there is the 4GB of ram. I know DDR2 is pretty old, but if you can find more, 8GB would really work in your favor. That said, it may not be worth it to put more money into that system.


Right on. I might have some more, Iā€™d have to look.

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