Setting priority for downloads/ssd-hdd

I am new to the world of PC building and I have a SSD and a HDD installed on my rig. My question is when downloading games/programs how can I set everything but my OS which is installed on my ssd to be installed to my 1 TB hard drive. Any help would be great.

Are you downloading from a torrent


steam,origin, etc.....

i use steam install on it on your SSD and when you install your games it will ask you ask for a destination (i e where you want to install your games) it will automatically pick c drive,but they will be a browse tab click that and pick you other HDD. Make a folder in the other HDD to install your games into.

I hope this helps

steam has just updated and made itself more "user friendly". I have tried to got into the settings and i cant find anything closely related to any download options.

Thanks a lot for the help it worked.