Service Pack 1 install Help

Can someone help me with installing SP1 i really dont understand and there arent any good videos out there. 

xp? vista? 7? 8? i'm assuming onto an installation without said service pack, up to 7 you can find the files on Microsoft's site with installation instructions [windows 7], in windows 8 you install the service pack through the store in metro [link] (I can't actually see it, ms says then I might be missing updates)

On windows 7 and i tried the windows website but their not to good on explaining.

    • Click the Start button The Start button, click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.
    • click Check for updates.
    • select Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB976932), and then click OK.
    • Click Install updates
    • Follow the instructions on your screen.

if that's too complicated you're s.o.l.

edit: and always backup important files, updating operating systems can go bad easily, backups are good

yea tried that its not there!!!

I guess you'd need to install any "important" updates first, if you have them all installed then I have no idea