Service Now broken on Chrome v 72 32 bit

I was wondering if any one out there has notice an issue where Service Now experiencing extreme lag and even fails to load on Chrome Enterprise Version 72 (32 bit). I have done some testing and it seems like switching to the 64 bit version of Chrome fixes this issue. I am trying to isolate the issue down to the Chrome version.

Any recommended test or experiences with this issue would be greatly welcome. I have been digging into this issue for 3 days looking at a number of angles.

I will not be able to share much more information about this I will try to do my best. But do to the nature of the environment I am using I am only able to share small bits of information.

Is using 32 bit a requirement or was it just what you had on hand?

Not to sound like a troll but why would you use 32 bit chrome concidering how memory intesive it is?

Do to legacy apps we have stuck with 32 bit. And I also asked this question and that is the answer I was given. In the past we had experienced some major issues when trying to use 64 bit with quite a few of our apps.

I have done some test with a few older versions of the 32 bit version of Chrome and the issue that my users are experiencing goes away. I have also tested other browsers FireFox 64 bit current release and Brave 64 bit Current version. All working fine and now issues with Service Now. As far as I can tell right at the moment Service Now is the only app that is affected by using 32 bit Chrome.

Running 32 bit shouldnt be that solution. That is only acceptable as a temporary work around.

But back to the problem.

At my work we use a variety of help desk software. We currently use Assyst but are trying to go to Service Now.

All of us use Chrome, except for me I use Firefox. Iā€™m curious to see if any of my coworkers have experienced that issue. We all run 64 bit though.

I agree and I hope as we move to Windows 10 that we will drop support for 32 bit browsers and move everything over to 64 bit. But that will be a battle for another day.

Thank you for replying to this thread.

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Chromium should have debug tools
What do these say?

Tested our service now with 32bit chrome and no problem in performance. Do you have any endpoints running on chrome?