Server Suggestions?

So I got Hired to build to servers for an office of a chirch. They want file sincronisation and backups as well as a back up of the server they can use as a "grab and go" type thing incase of a fire or major storm.... or the zombie appoclips, but hey. So they will have 3 new systems and it will mostly be documenst and quickbook files. What do you guys recomend for a server like this? Also i priced out 10TB was this to much, they save about 2000 documenst a week that are over 100 mb each so whats your opion?? One other question what software should i use to run the server, i want maxamum compatabilty. The office macheans will be running windows 7 x64 (because i refuesed to even build an 8 machean) 


Tell Me your thoughts.

There are several option but... What is your budget... and is there anything else that will be run from (http?, MySQL?)

budgit $2000 and no strickly office and backups

Are you living in the US?


The Richland APU should be more that enough Power as a File Server, Backups and More... I would personally buy a RAID Card and Second Network Card allowing to setup the drives in a RAID 5 Array and also turn it into a Router as well...

give me a minute i have some thing i want your opion on

add an extra 200 to the total for stuff that i will get but is out of stock

give me a min... on my work computer... fuck govenment proxies



I would recommend the ASUS mobo over the biostar... get a bigger SSD allowing for the installation of any applications you may need... but going back to my list... have the 4 2TB Western Digital RE Drives are enterprise grade drives... better warrenty and quailty over Green Blue and Black Drives... and if you install that with a HighPoint RAID Card with RAID5 you will have a 6TB Array and the 4th Drive will allow for some reduncy... for you a computer that is easy to pick up i Would get a Corsair C70 Vengence Case which has 2 Heavy Duty Hands... but when you are using a APU Processor... you need FAST ram 1600Mhz or Faster...


ill look in to the ram, but the case is fine, and theres no point in intnal backups it will auto backup to a exturnal drive every day that is the mobilty part. ill look in to a bigger ssd and mabey the indstral drives


That case may be a better idea then the one i had