Server/router test around the new ADM NUC competitor?

This is pretty much a Wendell and Qain question, if they would be willing to give one of these a spin and see how it compares to the other low end hardware that you guys have used for these types of builds.

The specs of the quad core version don't look too bad, only thing is it looks like the storage has to either be mSATA/mPCIe based or external since SD cards don't like the abuse a normal drive will take.

I can totally see this being a firewall or router/switch device. It could also theoretically run as an XBMC server.

or a SteamBox streaming front end etc, but I'd like to see the X version with the 3x Gbit NIC upgrade kit and how it fares to other kit.

A few of these could make an interesting cluster project...