Server Revival Troubles

Alright so I got this old HP ProLiant ML150 Generation 5 Server for free a month or so ago. It has 2 Gigs of non ECC ram, with one Xeon E5410 quad core @ 2.33 GHz. Runs great, I have mint with cinnamon installed and I have had no problems there. However, I wanted to upgrade the CPU and ram so I could have a solid server on the cheap. I found the PDF manual online here The manual says that the motherboard Should support all E5400 series Xeon's, as well as having "PC2-5300 Registered Buffered DIMMs (DDR2-667)". I bought two Xeon X5482's and 4x2 GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 CL5 Kingston Non-ECC memory all on eBay. None of the components would work without a POST error, so I went on the HP site and flashed the bios to the latest version, yet I still received the POST errors. Any help y'all can provide would be greatly appreciated!

I have had terrible luck getting non ecc memory to work on "supported" cpus from this generation. Do you have any registered ddr2 you can try? In my experience typically only the lowest end xeons from a family have reliable support for non-ecc memory.

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That would be a negative, but I can order a stick to test. However, could that mean that the X5482's may just not work since the memory is non-ECC? Because they wouldn't work even with the stock ram before or after the bios update. @wendell

whats the wattage of the psu and the wattage of the cpus in question? those chassis may only support cpus that are the same wattage or less. The 1u/2u rackmount versions of that server typically max out with 95w cpus and those cpus are 150w . Got a pic of the original ram you can post here so I can take a pic?

DDR2 FB Dimm would be the way to go if you had some to test or knew someone that had some.

One 650 W power supply, stock CPU is 80 W.

Here is the stock ram:

9 chips with a funky chip in between 5 chips on one side and 4 on the other? If so that is registered DDR2 ECC.

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I wish they would have been more specific with that.

Except I have a few sticks of FB ECC DDR2 ram, and they wouldn't even fit in the slot

Differing voltages :) this is low power ddr2 reg ecc

Ah I see. I'll try and find some DDR2 FB ECC Dimms with the same voltages. For the CPU's, would I need to grab a bigger power supply or will the motherboard simply not support them? @wendell

its mostly down to motherboard support -- check the motherboard support/compatibility list. The 2u rack version of that computer doesnt support over 95w cpu but I'm not sure aobut the tower version.

Alright sounds good. Thanks for the help! @wendell