Server project

This is mainly just for fun but its a bit serious. I am building a LGA2011 server. money is not really a problem but dont go above 4K. I was planing on a 6core or 8core Xeon, 32GB of ram, and a Mobo that supports to separate network cards. I also have 8; 3TB segates used in a Raid 6 for storage. Not sure if this is going to be a.


Sorry if i sound like a rich kid that uses 4k in a server for fun, but i do earn money on my current server.

There are no Xeons on 2011... :3

I think it would be nice to use, espically if you stream tons of media/maybe host a few things or even set it up to render any projects you have in edition... BTW there are defintley Xeons on 2011, id say 6 core though thats already probably double overkill as is.

You're right, I am mistaken. Damn sub-categories on newegg.

Build it in a HAF XB for the cube lawls

Well i am planning to put in 8 of my Seagate 3TBs, dont know of any case with alot of hotwaps


You would have to get a specifically for servers case. Other than that do you really need hotswaps? Are you planing on messing with the raid array often. Because there are plenty of cases out there that can support all those drives, it's common for some to have 2 hot swaps in front.

What about those 5.25" bay setups that have hotswap?

I do use alot of storage. Norco RPC 4224 4U. This is the case i am thinking about. Would i need a GPU on this build?


Unless you plan on running this thing night and day folding or rendering heavy stuff, you would be way better with an older multi-Xeon used box...

You can get a 2x 4-cores with 32Gb of DDR2-800 for under 300$

The Norco RCP-450 is a very nice server case. It supports up to 6 5.25" drives/swap bays, plus 3 internal 3.5".
It also fits a full ATX board and has space for SAS backplanes or Quad-GPU setups.
And you can remove the side rackmount braces and turn the two block of 3 5.25" bays to set it vertically.

We use theses at work as a NAS/Router/Print server and there is a few Source game servers and TeamSpeak servers on it. Does the job perfectly.

This, is a server that is under load all the time. It is also going to be a fun build. I have 4k that i want to use on my server, SO THAT WHAT I WANT TO DO

Then, check SuperMicro boards.

They are amongst the best Xeon board out there.

Case recommendation is still standing. You can fit a 1200W PSU or a triple 600W in that case