Server project games/services get-in

Hey guys,

Some while ago i rented a VPS at that time i used to fiddle around a bit with services and gameservers in general.
A few months back i decided to spend more time on my study and reinstalled the server with Debian7.1 from then till now i only had time to make a l4d2 cs:s and cs:go server. they all stopped now since they where not complete with the stuff i wanted like mods ect.

Considered the server is basically doing nothing just idling for some time now, i thought maybe if you just want to learn stuff about gameservers on linux, as example making a minecraft server or maybe have a small group doing a project.

Normally you have the idea and then make the server but this is the other way around:)

some things:
I am the overseer
I don't give root (ask me anything if you need it)
Dont make infinite loops in scripts ect. (dont crash it)
..basically i give you a user you can ssh to it and set up something, be nice.

server can handle "some" load ram is 4gb and 5tb bandwidth a month