Server PCs

Does anyone know a server pc that can support more than 8 cpus because supermicro has one that can support 8 cpus supermicrocom/en/products/system/7U/7089/SYS-7089P-TR4T.cfm I thought this was a really intresting computer

Monstrosities like that aren’t really relevant these days with so many cores in a single socket. Lots of disadvantages to having sockets.

Machine learning nodes - either for model distillation or for training with a bunch of accelerator cards. Basically, give me all the pcie lanes and all the ram bandwidth you can. It’s still cheaper to go with a few racks of big chassis like this and a small network fabric, than to use large network fabric and regular 2 socket systems.

It still doesn’t work unless you know you’re going to need a big fabric anyway and/or don’t have control over the cooling setup in your dc and can’t support the densities. These setups routinely push upwards of 100+kw / rack mostly driven by accelerators and often have water cooling in the dc.

I’d perhaps look into open compute servers. I may have overheard one of the openbmc guys bragging how they were able to bring the boot time down to under a minute on some such box.

That super micro box where you can stick the CPUs in, has no space for accelerator cards - it’s kind of useless IMHO. If the intent is to be used as part of a cpu render farm by Disney - they’re late to the party as most of that workload is outsourced to public clouds where they don’t have to care about low utilization and can pay as they go.

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