Server OS

I am wanting to get a server and am trying to find the best OS for my needs. I am currently thinking about using FreeNAS, esxi or some distro of Linux server but am not sure what will meet my needs best. The server will be used mostly as a plex and NAS. However, I want to run several VM’s to be use as dedicated game servers for Minecraft, Terraria, 7 Days to Die, Space Engineers, Rust and a few others. The server I am looking at has 24 cores and 96gb of ram which I think should be more than enough for my needs I am just not sure about the software. Any ideas?


…any other distro with qemu/kvm…


Yeah stick with proxmox or something similar. Freenas vm setup is not that great.


Thanks! This is exactly what I am looking for.

For virtualization, there is ESX and everything else.
Sure, you don’t get some of the nifty tools with the free version of ESXi, but goddamn, if it isn’t the most solid hypervisor available.

Now, if you want to dick around with other things, go right ahead, but if you want the best hypervisor, ESX is what you want.

One thing of note is that I like ESXi 6.0. That’s the last free version with the fat client. 6.5 switched to a web client, which is fine for most people.

Maybe in the future other virtualization options will be better, But the market share is ESX way out in front followed by Hyper-V, with Xen way way behind that. The rest don’t really even show up.


I agree with @NetBandit about ESXi. I use it in most of my medium sized business clients because it is rock solid, especially if you are using enterprise grade gear. The only thing that would hold back my recommendation for a home server is that you will need to setup your storage with a hardware RAID configuration or iSCSI to another storage server if you want redundancy AFAIK. I know that VMWare has some virtual SAN features, but I don’t think you will get any of them with a free license. If you don’t care about redundancy, you can certainly setup your datastores on single drives or span them out JBOD style, but just have your backup game on point because that is just asking for trouble. Even the built-in RAID on the mobo would work for a simple RAID1 or 10.

Personally I use Windows 10 Pro w/ Hyper-V at home, but I had a Pro license laying around and it’s easier for me to run storage, my desktop environment and my VMs on a single box with complete backups to a NAS. I know suggesting Windows on this forum is just shy of instigating a riot, but if you have a license kicking around it’s not a horrible solution. Of course now that you aren’t able to create ReFS volumes on Windows 10 Pro unless you pay ANOTHER Microsoft tax for their “Pro for Workstations” SKU, it’s harder to recommend if you are starting fresh.


Agreed; ESXi is great, but the web client on 6.5 sucks. maybe it has improved in the last year.

Xenserver is good. But I use Ubuntu for reasons related to my usage case.

I went for the time being to Windows 10 as a server after an Ubuntu update completely borked the server. Basically all the configs were overwritten.
It has Autologon and runs everything I basically want except IIS isn’t nice with H5ai. Beyond that… some Docker containers and just use everything else as natively as possible.

It isn’t ideal and if you invest time in it and do it properly I would do it in Proxmox and separate the VM’s of gameservers and for instance your seedbox use (sonarr,radarr etc etc). That way you can easily add or remove a gameserver.