Server not booting s2600cp

I have an intel s2600cp with 2 e5-2660, and it wouldn’t boot.

I have tried:
Using 1 cpu and ram stick 8gb.
Clearing cmos.
It turns on quickly click click and turns off.

My psu is a rm750
I saw some things about the psu could it be that? I have tried a tx550
And still nothing

Little video of what happens when it tries to boot.
Streamable . Com /oebq5f if you wanted to check

Just to confirm, those are E5-2660 and not E5-2660v2, correct?

One of my home servers runs an S2600CP4. The V1.x BIOS it shipped with doesn’t support v2/Ivy Bridge CPUs; it behaved like this before I pulled the processors and did a BIOS update to V2.x.

Not v2

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