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Can I get a link, I might want to grab one of those with some B-day money.


Its being used for CAD designs and video rendering, The more cores the better :D



pi 2 server yay


Server 1

Freenas 9.3
5x3TB WD red drives in RaidZ1
32gb ssd for l2 arc
16gb unregistered ecc @1600
FX-4100 @ stock
All noctua fans

Plex, MineOS, OwnCloud, uTorrent, Couch Potato, SickBeard

Server 2

Xen on Debian Wheezy
NO storage, only usb key for OS, all storage off an iscsi share on the Freenas
HP ML350 g5, dual quad core xeons @ 2.8 ghz
16g registered ecc-ddr2

VM1 - CentOS Nginx server
VM2 - Server2012 testing
VM3 - MineOS minecraft server on Debian, currently with 3 minecraft servers linked together via bungeechord
VM4 - Windows 10 testing

I might add more VMs in the future, for now it's just my virtual playground server. It was the gem of the junk at work :D yay free server.

I really want to replace the fans on this, but with the HP bios if you replace the fans those annoying alarms go off, and I can't figure out how to change that. So for now, it lives in the basement.

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Sweet. Thanks. It cool to be the op of a pinned thread.


No pics right now, but here are the specs for my NAS.

Intel Atom C2750 (8 cores @ 2.4ghz)
4x 4TB WD Greens (RAIDZ1)
FreeNAS 9.3 -- Plex, Transmission, bitcoind

It works great, I can easily saturate a gigabit LAN connection with NFS and it's a nice low-power 24/7 torrent machine. I am hoping to get the Crashplan plugin working as well so I can have great file-level backup but I keep running into issues.


Just crap ;)
(not mine, just configuring)

Cisco switch (44 10G ports)
Fortinet firewalls

(mine, i use it for testing and stuff)

one(broken) of 5 ibm blades hs22

(depending on blade - have various configs)
2x 4-6 core Xeon 5xxx
8-32GB of DDR3 *
2x SAS IBM 144G drives.


That netbook tho. Ballin'


Nothing super special.

  • I7 870
  • 16GB 1600mhz ram
  • 1TB wd red

Have it running proxmox. and in that i have a Ubuntu server running ziftrcoin mining and another Ubuntu server running my minecraft and team speak.

Then I have a DS213 for my vpn, "backup" and music.


How'd the blade die?


Currently have 4 servers running (I'll try to get a couple pics tonight when I get home) 3 rack mounted.

  1. Is a web server providing, page hosting, web mail services running on Apache, also runs SQL, PHP, and Zoneminder CCTV monitoring. Hardware is a AMD 6300 with 16g, 2 WD purple drives (2TB)

  2. Is a file server for my wife's graphic business, runs FreeNas 9.2 on an older amd phenom ii x4 with 16g, 3 - 2tb Seagate NAS drives in a Raid Z2, runs CIFS and iSCSI.

  3. Is a media server running FreeNas 9.2 on a Intel quad core Atom CPU (Asrock mITX) with 16g and 5 - 3tb WD red NAS drives also in a Raid Z2, runs CIFS, Plex as a frontend, Couchpotato, Sabnzdb, Sickrage for content aggregation.

We also run a pfSense router, Netgear 24 port POE managed switch (CCTV camera power), a gigabit Rosewell 24 port switch, and a small HP Windows home server that is being retired very soon.


something with mobo (had few like this at work, basically unfixable), it looses identification in chassis, and freezes. I have to reinitialize the blade each time it does (take it out, take it back in... and wait few... then it works for 5min.


Could I pay to ship it here?


sorry, i'm sending this back previous owner as it wasn't 30days before failure. (still those blades are cheap, its laughable actually - maybe even cheaper than sending one - they cost 50-100$ - obviously i have my own cpu's memory and hdd's)

*still to play with it you'd need blade chassis.


And what do those cost?


it varies a lot. I recommend looking through ebay

ibm bladecenter (for hs22's might be expensive -> so you should look for empty one or hs21)
you will also need additional power work as its being powered by 60+Ampers 1-4phase ones. (some places might not be able to supply that.)

those cpu's are cheap you can grab those models (6 cores) for $100+-
DDR3 ECC memory might be expensive.
HDD's semi-expensive ~


The differences between the HS21 and the HS22?


Sounds like the interconnect chip is playing up, possibility overheated at some point if taking it out the chassis solves the issue.

Haven't heard of many blades dying this way, but unfortunately its one of those things.