Server Locks up during file moves

Currently running Nas4Free 11.0.4 with 4tb hard drives in raidz1. The raid card is an LS raid card flashed to IT mode. I am moving the files from a 1TB hard drive that isn’t in the zpool. This is all running on an AMD phenom 9560, with 8gb of DDR2 ram.

I am running into an issue where my file server locks up completely during large transfers to or from my raid array. My first guess is that I have a hard drive that is failing but I am not sure which SMART measure to look at in order to verify this. Any suggestions on where to look first?

I am going to upgrade the whole time here soon to a dual xeon machine with ECC ram and all but if one of these drives is the issue right now, I want to swap that out first.

Here’s a great backblaze article about what they use for smart thresholds:

Once you understand what the numbers really mean, you’ll start just knowing what to look for and it will be intuitive.

Hmm that was a good read. None of my drives are showing stats in SMART tools which would indicate, according the article, that they are pre-fail.

One possibility is running out of memory when writing to the zpool? If I remember correctly, the data is written to memory before moving to the raid array, I think? Does this sound right? I am between buying an R710 server to replace it with more memory, or replacing a hard drive.

Anything further I should look into?

Not extremely familiar with nas4free but have you looked through any of the logs?

Did this randomly start happening after it was working properly for a while or has this always happened? Could be an unsupported controller if it has never worked properly.

Is that 1TB hd not in the zpool a usb drive or is it another internal drive you mounted? I’m curious if you try another large transfer from a different external drive if it still does this. Trying to see whether it’s a problem with your system or with that 1tb drive.

You could try adding options zfs zfs_arch_max=4294967296 to /etc/modprobe.d/zfs.conf (create the file if it doesn’t exist), run sudo modprobe -a, and reboot. See if the problem persists then.

Edit: that limits the zfs arc max memory usage to 4GB.

Sorry, I missed that you’re using a FreeBSD-based system. I believe you can accomplish the same thing there by adding vfs.zfs.arc_max=4294967296 to /boot/loader.conf.

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It only just started happening, I might try and do a large transfer from a usb drive and see if it still happens. Although last night when I was moving some files around (4-6gb) it went smoothly without any freezing. I have also checked the logs and I do not see any errors, it was my first place to look.

I have limited the arc cache to around that size. I’ll double check what I have the value set at and maybe I have it set to low…