Server Hosting

So I have been designated as the server host for any game that requires a server among my friends. So far, we have only played Terraria, and for the most part, my internet worked well. However, sometimes, the server would slow down quite a bit, and I'm worried this will affect more demanding games greater. These are my internet speeds, and I currently have 8gb of ram at 1600 in my system.

Would this be able to handle something like a minecraft server, while I'm playing at the same time? If not what would fix it?

Your internet should be perfectly fine and the ram should be greatly sufficient as well, especially if you aren't planning on changing the allocated memory for the server. If it is only a few people you should be fine, but it depends. If you have more people (like 30 or more), you will definitely need to allow the server to allocate more ram and you may need a better internet connection.

Well there will be a max of 8 so that wont be a problem. Thanks!