Server Help

Ok, basically I am new to the site and I am getting caught up on all the episodes of the tek and other shows they have done. Now i was going over some videos and they were talking about home servers and media sharing and capture cards and stuff like that but, they didnt really get into it for networking newbs like me. Are there any good videos out there that go into NAS(es) and capture cards and stuff like that thanks in advance.

Well considering this is my first post as well, I would like to say hi to you rexvetus. I have made my own nas box of sorts using freenas previously was on just upgraded a copy minutes ago. But to answer your question, no you would not need a capture card for a nas box but I am confused when you say videos do you mean a video card for a nas box? or do you mean an in depth video that talks more about building a home server?

yes to a more in depth video on building a home server. I watched tek syndicates video on building a home server but they didn't really get into the nitty gritty of it. The reason i want a capture card is I watch alot of tv and I would love to dvr it and have it for ever so i was looking for info on that as well.

OK i know this is an old topic but i had forgotten about a video from tek syndicate, that answers more of your questions....