Server deal? Help

I mean if it still has ultrascsi3 with LT then yeah I'd say thats pretty good. If it has sas thats even better but thats like mac pro 2007 age woth the cpu's.

Yeah, do it. Better specced than my G4 ML370.

Utility for the power consumption, noise, and frankly, U cases are not great unless you have a rack, which takes a ton of space.

I got a dl180 g6 for only about $50 more (without drives) so that thing is only worth it maybe for the used drives, but I got 2 TB SAS drives off amazon for $50 a pop.

Update on this, I think i got it on a price glitch or something because I tried to find it again and look at the price now

And it has half the RAM mine came with?? Idk guess I just got super fucking lucky.

hahaha $999


The price you got was reasonable/little on the high end. THIS is the stupid-people-bait price.

The lowest 3rd gen I can find is 500 now. The hard drives alone for 2tb server HDDs is 100 bucks right?

So, what you're saying is, there are no remotely-reasonably-priced offers right now.

Not if they're refurbs (and they are; believe me).

The thing that made your $100 a decent price was "free shipping." Like I said before, considering this, you probably got your money's worth. In contrast, if you were buying this in person (picking it up), I wouldn't condone paying more than $50.

Ah ok, I still think they fucked up cause it has a 3yr full warranty