Server CPU issue

Hello lovely Tek Syndicate people...


Within the last year, i've built a server of sorts from a few older parts, and for the longest while, everything was going fine. I was running my Teamspeak server on it - two servers actually - and an old Jedi Academy server running Jedi Academy dedicated server running the JA+ mod.

Server stability was fine, and network stability was fine. Then I suddenly out of nowhere CPU usage went through the roof, and it was starting to seriously bog down my internet.

My Jedi Academy server usually handles 32 players on it, EASILY without drawing a sweat. That's running it with half that number on both teamspeaks as well.

My net was running fine, even able to watch netflix in HD without hiccups on multiple PC's

Then suddenly this. It would make my internet viewing impossible, and websites would just stop working all together like there was absolutely no internet.

CPU usage was never above 50 percent at any time when running all these things before. Even when one Teamspeak had 20 people on it, and the Jedi Academy server was packed.

The CPU is an AMD Athlon II X2 210e, I'm running Windows Home Server v2, I'm running 16 gigs of ram. Stablebit's Drive Pool, and a SMART program to monitor all the drives. All drives are SATA2 and total up to 1.42TB.

Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? Or know where I should even begin to diagnose this?

Have you checked any of the system logs or performance screens to see what in particular is causing the spikes? Resource monitor should very clearly give you a good indication of what is causing the spikes in real time, I would start there.

All syslogs don't say anything. And it only happens when the Jedi Academy server is running. I've scanned it with every anti virus I trust, and they came up with nothing.

For some reason Windows Home Server's not letting me remote in, but I'm able to log into it physically. I've pulled out all the drives, and ran them through a virus scan as well.

The only thing I can think of is hardware somewhere? But again, I know nothing next to the good people here so I wanted to see if any good ideas end up popping out.