Server Build

So I wanted to have some fun and build a server. This is what I have so far. I went with a dual cpu system because I can and they were fairly cheap for what you get. Im just going to build a case for this and I already had a 212 evo so I was going to pick up another for the cpus. The ram and storage I plan on upgrading in the future. If you find a better combination of parts or if I should change something let me know.

Part List:

Other than you are going to run Single channel Memory.
As you only have a 16GB kit so one stick per Processor.
You may also want to look at the power supply you are getting or getting an adaptor as your Mother board requires 2 x 8 pin CPU power connectors.

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Thanks I didn't even think about that.

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So at this point I have revised my parts and managed to cut about $150 off of the price. The old psu I had did support 2x8 pins for the dual cpus but I am going to go with a refurb server psu and have to find about a bit more on those. I upgraded the ram to 32gb. I am trying to contact server monkey (the place where i'm buying the psu) because it says that it doesnt come with cables. Trying to find a place to buy them and check if that psu with work with my config.

Did I hear someone say dual E5 2670s?
Just did this: click.
Didn't really build on the cheap side but maybe it helps.

Oh, Wendell wrote something about some kind of issue on some of those chips regarding virtualization. Maybe search for that here in the forum.